Maü - Cat Shampoo

Maü Cat Shampoo is a project created and completed for Graphic Design II taught by Nagesh Shinde at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. It has been featured on Packing of The World.

About the Project:

“Those who have cats want to take the best possible care of their furry companions. Cat Shampoo products are made to help strengthen the bond between the consumer and their pet as well as provide knowledge and support to care for pets and Maü is a (made-up) cat shampoo brand that set out to do just that. 

While there are many cat shampoo brands, Maü wanted to stand out against the rest by focusing on the health of consumers pets and affordability with an upscale feel because consumers that use cat shampoo want the best for their pet. Maü also wanted to focus on simplicity when it comes to its packaging design; the four-sided label limited the information on it to only what was necessary including a brief description of the different kinds of shampoo, directions for use, and the eye-catching logo.

Maü looks back at the Ancient Egyptians who are well known for their worshiping of cats. The name "Maü" is directly derived from the Egyptians; it is what Ancient Egyptians called cats. The logo itself is also directly related to the Ancient Egyptians. Two cats, representing the two goddesses, Bastet and Mafdet, that were often shown in feline form, are used to shape a pyramid.”

Design Process

Visual Research

I started this project by researching Ancient Egyptians; I knew I wanted this project to be very influenced by Ancient Egyptians because they are known for their worship and love of cats. After my initial research, I continued with visual research by looking at other cat shampoo brands to see what trends (if any) there were in the cat shampoo market. I also created a mood board of images to use for inspiration for this project. The last part of my visual research was picking brand traits; I made a list of adjectives that best described cats, picked the 5 that would become the brand traits and found images and logos I felt best fit those brand trait’s to create separate mood boards for each.


I started sketching out ideas for the logo as well as figuring out a brand name. When I finally had a name chosen as well as a general idea for the logo, I moved to making sketches digitally.


Final Logo