hued. is a project created and completed for Jackie’s Senior Showcase taught by Nagesh Shinde at the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Spring of 2019.

About hued.

For a long time there has really only been two options for getting your hair dyed: at a salon or at home. For a lot of people, going to a salon to get your hair colored is not only expensive but takes a lot of time. And going to a local beauty supply store can be intimidating because you often aren’t sure what you need or what to do.

Hued. is working toward making the at home hair dyeing experience easier and more customizable. We want to make it so that anyone, no matter how inexperienced, is able to give themselves the confidence they deserve by dyeing their own hair without the risk or worry of something going horribly wrong.


Visual Research




User Journey and Empathy Map


How hued. Works

Step 1 Image

Fill out hair profile and preferences

With our short questionnaire, users build their personal hair profile. Users answer a variety of questions about their hair, including texture, length, and previous color experiences, as well as personal preferences for dye formula such as vegan dye or chemical-free options.

Step 2 Image

Select your color

Once a hair profile and user preferences are entered, the next step is to select the color the user wants. There are a variety of hair color options ranging from natural colors, like blonde or brunette, to more fun hues like purple, green, blue, and more.

Step 3 Image

Select subscription option

Hued. is a subscription hair color service that customizes boxes to fit the needs of each head of hair, no matter
how often it changes. Users can decide to get a box
that refreshes their current color or can decide to do a complete color change. With hued., each box is to DYE for!


Subscription Box Options

Starter Box Logo

Starter Box

The hued. starter box is the first box users will receive. It includes reusable items such as a mixing bowl and brush that users will need to help in the hair dyeing process. It will also include the color of hair dye they selected and anything else needed for dyeing their hair, such as bleach, developer, and more.

Color Refresh Box

Color Refresh Box

The hued. refresher box is the box users will receive if they like their previous color and would like to rejuvenate the color to keep it looking vibrant.


Complete Color Change Box

The hued. complete color change box is one users get when they want a completely different color.


Final Logos


Primary Logo

Primary Logo
Advanced Box Logo
Basic Starter Box Logo