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So there is something that I have been keeping in my back pocket for some time now (figuratively, of course) and I feel like it might be time to bring it into the light and show people because it is very important to me.

Last September I lost someone, someone who meant the world to me, and that was my grandfather. I took it very hard because of how much he meant to me. I struggled but I knew that the best way for me to feel better and move forward, was to use my feeling, channel them into something. As an artist, a lot of my work is focused on getting my feelings out; art is my form of therapy. If you read or looked at my last post about my pieces in the Student Art Show, one of those pieces I made to let my feelings out but there was still more I wanted to do.

My grandfather passed away from Cancer. Before this happened, I had heard a lot of peoples stories about how they lost someone to cancer or how they survived cancer (like my father) but I never realized just how bad it was. It broke my heart every time I heard he was just getting worse and worse. Cancer took an amazing man and made him an empty shell. There were times where my grandfather, the one we all knew and loved, would shine through but those times weren't for very long and soon became few and far between. 

After losing him, I knew that I wanted to do something not just to get my feelings out, but to help other people. You can probably tell that I was sad for a very long time but eventually the sadness went away and I became angry. I was angry at myself because I felt I didn't do enough for him. I was mad at the people taking care of him because they let him die. And most of all, I was mad at cancer. I was mad at cancer for taking my grandfather. I was mad at cancer for making him suffer so horribly. I was mad at cancer for ripping a hole in our family.

The only way for me to describe how I felt was, "FUCK CANCER." Fuck cancer for existing. Fuck cancer for making so many people suffer. Fuck cancer for taking peoples family members. Just fuck cancer!

I wanted to make those feelings well known. I wanted to have those words scream out, loud and proud, but I still wanted to help people. The only thing that kept coming to my mind was a t-shirt design because people could wear their feelings toward cancer. I also wanted to do a t-shirt because if I could design something amazing, like I think I may have, I could sell this t-shirt, and donate part of the money to cancer research, which is another main reason I wanted to do a t-shirt. 

Below is the design that I have come up with. I am so proud with the way it turned out and just love everything about it. I went with green because green represents Liver cancer, which is just one of the cancers that my grandfather had, but the best part about this design is that it could be changed to any color to represent any type of cancer!

The main reason I decided to share this now was to see what people think of this t-shirt design. This is just a mock-up but if people like this and think it's something they would wear then I want to push it to the next level and make it a reality. Again I do hope that enough people like it so that I can push it because I do want to sell it to help raise money for cancer research.

So if you like this design or think its something you would wear or just want to support it, give this a like or a comment, show anyone and everyone. Let me know!

I would like to say thanks to everyone a head of time that does show their support and do hope that I can make this a reality for those that want it! Also thanks for sticking with me till the end! I know this was a really long blog but I just needed to get it all out.

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